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GirlPower! BE WHO YOU ARE™

Dear Parent:

Educating our girls on how to be strong, smart and compassionate in today’s culture has never been more difficult. We want them to be confident, yet know if their behavior sets them apart from others in their peer group, they are likely to be ridiculed and even ostracized during their adolescence. And yet we know the only way to true contentment is to find one’s true self, and adolescence is where some girls lose their way, fearing loss of their social status.

As an educator, I have worked with over 500 girls for 10 years helping them to discover who they are through positive reinforcement, discussion, movement, journaling and creative activities. Girls are encouraged to explore, learn and create, and most importantly, be themselves. GirlPower!™ fosters the holistic way toward self -confidence and self-acceptance.

Join the GirlPower!™ movement!

In community,
Susanne Liebich

GirlPower Susanne Liebich Click to read an article about GIrlPower!™ in Dance Studio Life magazine, "GirlPower!™: How A Dance-Based Wellness Practice Equips Adolescent Girls For Puberty" By Bonner Odell, February, 2017

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?GirlPower Susanne Liebich

Build self-confidence
Find your unique strengths and boost self-esteem
Learn leadership skills and follow your own path
Learn how to care and advocate for yourself
Learn at many levels: socially, emotionally, artistically, physically
Love and value yourself both inside and out
Feel connected with others and part of a community
Have the freedom to try new things and feel safe, nurtured and supported

“It was, by far, the best week of the summer for Annabelle. It gave her so much on so many levels: socially, artistically and physically. It really has helped her mature in some ways. She will be entering middle school in the fall and it was helpful that she met girls who are already in middle school. It helped to relieve anxiety and to actually make her look forward to the coming year.”

A Parent’s Perspective…
“Susanne helped me to create a half-day workshop last spring for my (then) 5th grade daughter and 10 other girls. The goal was to create an emotionally safe, fun, and respectful space in which these almost-middle schoolers might cement some of the amazing friendships they had built together, and hopefully set a strong, positive framework they could tap when navigating the (often-turbulent) middle school years ahead. I don't think those messages, particularly among amazing pre-teen girls, ever get old, and Susanne leads the program with kindness, creativity, professional and a commitment to having fun. Highly recommend!” 
~Carolyn Wilkins, Concord, MA



Empowerment Workshop for Mothers and Daughters, Ages 8 to 12

Date: Sunday, November 4, 2018
Time: 1:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Steinberg Wellness Center for Mind & Body, 310 Baker Ave., West Concord
Cost: $110 for mother-daughter pair, includes program, supplies and snacks
Register: or call 978-287-3777

In its 11th year, GirlPower!™ Has been guiding girls to find their uniquevoices through creative movement, discussion, journaling, art and nature.  This year, mothers and daughter are invited to learn about each other through activities designed to build confidence, self-advocacy and self-care.  Girls and moms will find new ways to connect to each other and find community with other mothers and daughters.  The GirlPower!™ Experience provides a safe, nurturing and supportive environment to explore, relax and renew.

TBA!! Late Winter and Spring GirlPower!™ Workshops!


One Week Instructional Day Programs

Be who you are! Have fun while building self-confidence and making new friends. GirlPower Susanne LiebichCreate and express yourself in a supportive and nurturing setting. Empower yourself with learning by making healthy choices for you.Over the last 9 years, over 400 girls have participated in GirlPower! progams. Summer programs, which are full day programs over the course of a week, have included such themes as Simplicity and Thoreau, It Takes a Village, Exploring Coming of Age Through a Cultural Lens, and The Inner Goddess. All programs include yoga and mind-body movement, expressive dance, nutrition and cooking, art, discussion groups, journaling and self- care, and can be customized for the group.  Click to view demo video. Email if you are interested in booking a summer program for your group.

"Susanne, I am SO grateful to be able to be in this great program. It has helped me to learn and try new things and paints a picture of the feminine spirit. I am so inspired by your constant recognition of a good deed and your natural energy, kindness, love of dance and compassion. You have taught me so much about life and taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. I am positive I will continue GirPower! next summer and the summers after that, too! I appreciate your patience, time and energy."
— Phoebe, a GirlPower participant in 2011, 2012, and 2013

AMC Wilderness 101 in the White Mountains for 10 to 14 year old girls

Dates: Contact to schedule a program for your group.
Location: Highland Center Lodge, White Mountain hut - Zealand Falls hike
Cost: Determined by duration, includes meals, lodging, GirlPower program, and two AMC wilderness guides

Why you want your daughter to go?
— To connect with people and nature and disconnect with electronics.
— To eat healthy, home cooked meals, exercise in a fun and natural way, and relax.
— To empower her with basic survival skills and a love of the outdoors.

Why does your daughter want to go?
— To make friends, laugh and feel relaxed
— To challenge herself with a new activity and have her first wilderness experience
— To learn to be comfortable outdoors and not afraid of the wild

In 2014, GirlPower! Be Who You Are™ held a successful wilderness program in collaboration the Appalachian Mountain Club. Wilderness is a great way to build confidence in one’s ability to navigate the wild, as well as encourage teamwork and community. Is your daughter ready to explore the great outdoors? This hut trek to Zealand Falls was, for some of the girls, their first experience hiking and sleeping in a wilderness setting. This program includes gentle hiking in the White Mountains, learning outdoor and survival skills, as well as self-care activities such as yoga, journaling, discussion, art, and relaxation techniques. The importance of the nature connection to the health of body, mind  and spirit is presented, along with wilderness rituals which honor the transition from girl to young woman. This program is a great initiation to wilderness hiking. Program fee includes all meals, lodging and programming. Wilderness programs foster respect for nature, and for one’s soul connection to the wild. Being in nature reinforces self-reliance, self-confidence, teamwork and communal bonding. Email if you are interested in booking a summer program for your group.


GirlPower! Be Who You Are™ Custom Individual and Group Sessions
Determined by duration and session content
Location: Concord, MA, or prearranged group location

GirlPower! Be Who You Are™ is all about guiding girls in exploring fun ways to move, discovering their strengths, finding their unique voices and making new friends. GirlPower! Be Who You Are™custom programs combine mindful movement, honest discussion, journaling, and other activities to create an inspirational setting for girls to flourish and be themselves.

Seven years ago, I created the GirlPower!Be Who You Are™ Program because I believed in the ability of girls to persevere through all the stresses and difficulties of growing up in this culture and eventually finding their way to joy and wellbeing in life. My background as a professional dancer, fitness expert, teacher, wellness practitioner, entrepreneur and mother helped me to cultivate skills, techniques and empathy which brought this program to fruition. I have learned from each one of these amazing girls and I enjoy giving back to them a sense of self that is strong, purposeful, and content in who they are. That is my goal, to guide each girl to find that within themselves and be happy with who they are.

Appropriate for individuals, small groups, Girl Scout troops, home schooled children, school clubs.

The beautiful yoga studio, STARFISH DANCE AND YOGA in West Concord, is available for custom group or individual sessions.

Questions, email

If you are interested in your school, church, or community organization hosting one of these events, please contact or call 508-527-3570.