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Testimonials for Movement and Wellness Classes

“John has difficulty understanding and following directions and I feared his reaction to the class would be negative.  I was wrong.  He loves it and is eager to go each week.  What I didn’t expect was that I too would love it.  Susanne brings the group together with a combination of exercise, and elementary dance steps, both accompanied by wonderful music. It is obvious that everyone in the group is delighted to be participating. These shared activities have for me had  an unexpected effect.  Feelings of tension and heaviness , which I too often bring with me, disappear completely.  At the end of class, I walk out with John feeling very much lighter than when I arrived.“
CN, a senior student, 2018

“I love to dance and this class provides me the ability to enjoy the creativity and peace of dance with the benefits of a great cardio workout.  Susanne is an amazing instructor, paying attention to all levels of participants, making it fun for everyone!"
Judi L., student, Dance Fitness and Flow, 2018

“You’re extending our lives, Susanne, by encouraging us to move, instead of watching the telly in a dark, musty room.”
Ed, a Dance PD student,2015

" As an 88 year old long term student of Susanne’s I have enjoyed her leadership and teaching. She has made moving and exercising so alive... She has helped me so much in balance and core issues and how our bodies function. To watch how she moves as a dancer is an inspiration.”
Ruth, a senior student, 2015

“I never knew what it was to dance before; you taught me what it was to dance.”
Paul, a 94 year old student, 2015Susanne Liebich in Concord

“It is a joy to be in Susanne's Movement class. She is a creative, charming, and wonderful teacher. I always leave class invigorated, uplifted, and looking forward to the next class.”
Abby, a senior student, 2015

“As a person who is not particularly athletic, and not very good at keeping up with exercise, I find it remarkable to look back at the last four years and realize that I haveonly missed a handful of Susanne’s classes, and then, only for the direst of emergencies! Susanne makes the class such a fun and relaxed experience, that I find I lookforward to it in the morning. As a result, I feel more fit and healthy than ever before in my life. There is plenty of variety to keep class interesting with yoga, pilates, dance and Nia®. And as Susanne evolves, the class benefits from her training in new disciplines. I feel very fortunate in having such a capable and inspired instructor, and after all of these years- a good friend. And did I mention the music played during class – the best!”
— Lisa O’Neill, Concord, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much Susanne for a truly refreshing and uplifting series of workshops. It’s rare that women with families and/or other commitments get the opportunity to devote a little chunk of time to rejuvenate themselves. We have to take care of ourselves first so that we can better take care of others. I was thrilled to do this with such a great group of women. In particular, I enjoyed the wonderful hostess and the stunning house as the venue for the workshops. I was also delighted to have a positive experience with T’ai Chi, which I have always been intrigued by, and would now (due to the workshops) like to pursue again.”
— Marie, Workshop Participant, Concord, Massachusetts

"Susanne's program has a very empowering influence on her students. Her calm persona, and her vibrant energy, combine in a very effective way for the young women with whom she works."
— Court Booth, Director, Concord Adult and Community Education

Testimonials for GIRLPOWER! Be Who You Are™

“I liked how we had so many guests that came and shared with us about everything. Also the lunches were SOOO good and healthy!… I enjoyed it because it wasn’t what I expected… it was awesome!”
— Zoe, a participant in 2013

“I loved every special activity each day… it was way more than I expected… the experience was amazing; walking around West Concord was great.”
— Liz, a participant in 2013

"Susanne, I am SO grateful to be able to be in this great program. It has helped me to learn and try new things and paints a picture of the feminine spirit. I am so inspired by your constant recognition of a good deed and your natural energy, kindness, love of dance and compassion. You have taught me so much about life and taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. I am positive I will continue GirPower! next summer and the summers after that, too! I appreciate your patience, time and energy."GirlPower! with Susanne Liebich in Concord
— Phoebe, a participant in 2011, 2012, and 2013

"It was a wonderful growth experience for her. She made new friends, enjoyed the activities, and walked away with a burst of confidence. Exactly what all of us hoped would happen. Thanks!"
— Patti, a mother of a participant in 2012

“It was, by far, the best week of the summer for her. It gave her so much on so many levels: socially, artistically and physically. It really has helped her mature in some ways. Also, she will be entering middle school in the fall and it was helpful that she met girls who are already in middle school. It helped to relieve anxiety and to actually make her look forward to the coming year.”
— Mother of GirlPower!™ participant, summer 2010

“Our daughters are inundated with media images of celebrities and models, people they begin to emulate at a young age” says Program Director Susanne Liebich, who believes these images evolve into ideals and unrealistic expectations of who they are ‘supposed’ to be. While observing her own daughter and her friends, and teaching teenage girls, she has noticed that many girls struggle through these years and continue to struggle even as they mature. With the additional pressure to be best at everything, many girls struggle with lack of self esteem, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Summer Wellness Program for Preteens and Teens is not a therapy program. It is a non-competitive, non-judgmental experience which aims to nurture self confidence and to give girls some skills, activities, and passions to take with them into the future. 'It’s about finding the right exercise that suits your personality, eating healthy food, discovering ways to grow artistically and spiritually, and realizing that reaching out to others is in itself a way to nourish ourselves and find self expression' Liebich explains."
— Excerpt from July 2009 Metrowest Daily News

GirlPower! with Susanne Liebich in Concord MA
"Alice really seemed to enjoy the program. At the end of the day, she liked to share her health and fashion tips. From my perspective, it is a very good choice of topics for this age group... I am happy that you addressed the idea of developing a healthy self-image, as well as attention to how you are spending your money. According to Alice, the food was delicious. So, I feel like it was a very worthwhile and fun way to spend February vacation."
— Mary, Mother of a Middle Schooler

“I liked the hikes because you could talk with friends, and at the same time see nature. I liked the cooking because everyone got to do something and it was really fun. I liked meeting new friends because it gave me a chance to hang out with different friends”.
— Emily, 11 year old GirlPower!™ participant, 2010

“I loved the African dancing because it was so much fun and interesting. I loved the yoga because although I have done it before I never knew I could move my body like that. I will definitely keep doing it. I really liked that we could have choices in most of that activities that we do. The massages were so relaxing. I love this camp so much!”
— Olivia, 11 year old GirlPower!™ participant, 2010

“Malana has enjoyed this program very much. Each night she has told me what she has learned and how excited she is to go see Susanne the next day. She has learned to go outside her comfort zone and feel comfortable. She also has enjoyed being outside and enjoying nature and what it has to offer. Malana has truly enjoyed this class.”
— Mother of GirlPower!™ participant, summer 2010

“Susanne’s February school vacation program was really fun. I learned a lot about ways to stay happy and healthy my whole life. Susanne taught us some cool African dances, too!”
— Sophie, 11 year old workshop participant, Concord, Massachusetts