Dancing Wellness ™

Dancing Wellness™ is mindful movement created by Susanne Liebich which integrates various disciplines to enhance self-confidence, health, energy, wellness and a sense of community regardless of age and mobility level.

emotion through motion

Being in touch with the way our bodies move, and working to keep our movements unrestricted and fluid, help bring health and clarity to every aspect of our lives. The more positive and balanced our energy, the more healthy and youthful we feel, and the more productive we are. Movement is at the heart of so much of what we do and how we feel. The more we connect to our Authentic Movement, the more we move with intention and grace. As our energy expands and our self confidence increases, we connect to others in a more positive way.
My classes integrate a variety of mind-body exercises such as Pilates, yoga, Nia® and various types of expressive dance, breathing and relaxation designed to help you achieve body awareness, presence, physical strength, overall focus and serenity, regardless of age and physical limitations. My belief in a holistic approach to health and wellness includes programs which provide self expression through exposure to the arts and journaling as well as sessions on nutrition, self image, meditation, natural skin care and career exploration.

- Susanne
Stillness is what creates Love
Movement is what creates Life
To be still
Yet still moving
That is everything.

- Do Hyun Choe

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